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Click picture for larger version From its' flower laden hills, to the incredible beaches of Bordighera, and the snow capped peaks of the Maritime Alps, Seborga is a treasure to remember.

Whether you enjoy sunning on the Riviera, or skiing in soft powder, this area brings a unique combination of environments that is unmatched anywhere. We are just up the rocks from- and with panoramic views of- the beaches of Nice, Cannes, Saint Tropez, and Monaco, this village has a fascinating history dating from the late tenth century. The Benedictine abbot of Lerino (the islands of Lérins lie in French waters on the Côte d'Azur, off the town of Cannes) bought the fiefdom from Count Guido di Ventimiglia, conferring the title of prince upon himself.

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Owner of the Restaurant Il Principato
Principality of Seborga

There can be no doubt that Seborga’s economy - both the private and the public sector - are now operating in a totally global environment.

This mean that servicing the needs of regional and international visitors, must now become our Top Priority.

In this expending role for the Private Sector in Seborga and region @ Seborga Business Center -Internet Point has an important contribution to make.

It is the only established reference guide, accessible worldwide , with a permanent physical office in Seborga, providing quick and reliable access to all of the various commercial, cultural, historical, and administrative services of Seborga and the area.

Our warmest congratulations and best wishes.

The rocky crags, chestnut and pine woods required back-breaking work before it could be farmed. The abbots of Lerino also founded a mint and began turning out coins.

In 1815, the Congress of Vienna overlooked the village in its efforts to redistribute European territories after the Napoleonic wars. We have had an unusual past, and have an exciting future for our village, which is grouped around the parish church of San Martino and the galleried oalazzo des Monaci in a web of alleyways, low colonnades, and cobbled streets.

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There is a democratically elected Prince, Giorgio Ier, who appointed a council of "ministers" and "ambassadors" and issue collectors items stamps and the Old Principality Currency, the "Luigino".

A Tourist Passport is also available from the Direction of Tourism of Seborga. Stickers, flags, books and other souvenirs are also available. Please click to turismo@seborga.net for more information.

The principality of Seborga is located in Liguria, Italy's famous Flower Riviera, close to the French border. The Principality's territory amounts to 14 square kilometers with a population of 2000 inhabitants. The capital occupies 5 square kilometers, where 362 Seborgans live- the citizens of the Principality.

Seborga, 500 m above sea level, enjoys an exceptionally mild climate. Seborgans earn their living by cultivating and exporting flowers- mimosas and scottish-broom, all over the world.

Mayor of Seborga

The Municipal Government of Seborga's role in business, trade and commerce is twofold.

Firstly to ensure the delivery of efficient public services to under-pin the work of wealth creating private sector.

Secondly , to remain responsive to the changing demands of business and improve business and job creation wherever possible.

Being responsive also requires us to have open and frequent dialogue with all of our residents and citizens.

We need to gear-up to exploit these opportunities in Tourism - the fastest growing industry of the past and new millennium -by supporting professionals with decades of experiences and know-how.

Nevertheless we cannot forget the importance of Floriculture - which for decades was the bread and butter of Seborga - geared towards Mimosa, Scottish Broom, Eucalyptus Leaves and other Green Foliages as principal export of Agroflor Cooperative.

It is with this view that we salute and congratulate @ Seborga Business Center-Internet Point for their initiative and the contribution they are making to Seborga.

Our best wishes

Between the village and the beach is a mimosa, eucalyptus, olive, and juene-filled valley. Seborga's altitude offers visitors a fine panorama- Bordighera, Ventimiglia, the French Côte d'Azur from Menton, Nice, Antibes, Saint Tropez, Principality of Monaco up to Toulon. Behind the village, the hills rise up to the snow-capped Maritime Alps, offering spectacular views all around.

On August 20, the day Saint Bernard died, Seborgans celebrate their public holiday.

Three restaurants offer exquisite Seborgan specialities- rabbit and goat. A bar offers all kinds of drinks to thirsty visitors, and of course there are food stores and souvenir shops.

The Bank of St. Bernard's Knights changes your currency.


Just because it has never since ceased being one. The feud of Seborga dates back as early as 954. The monks' rule established the election of the Abbot, and in this particular case the Abbot also became the Prince of Seborga.

British Historian;s therefore consider Seborga the first constitutional monarchy of the world. Experts of international law agree that the Principality of Seborga cannot be considered part of the Italian Republic.

In view of their particular situation, the people of Seborga elected in 1963 their Prince- Giorgio I, just as the monks elected their abbot in the past. On April 23, 1995 Seborgans voted, 304 in favor, 4 against for the Principality's Constitution and its general rules.

Quite easy by car, you leave the SS 1, Aurelia, or the Motorway A 10 at Bordighera, follow the road signs for Sasso and Seborga, easily visible to the driver's eyes, you can't miss them.

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Here are a few other maps:
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